Diversity in Math -UBC Math Summer School 2018

I attended a two-week-workshop at University of British Columbia this summer, 2018. The main component was two short week-long courses, which were on topics that we were unable to learn from a regular undergraduate program. The first course was on Hyperbolic Geometry by Professor. Sara Maloni. She focused on a lot of visualization to help us understand this space better since none of us was familiar with it. We shifted our focus to Combinatorics of Feynman diagrams taught by Professor.Karen Yeats. It was mainly calculations comparing to the first week. Both courses were really interesting and inspiring. We were also required to complete a group project in one week and present it to the class. It took a lot of research skills which would be very useful for a career in math. The main purpose of this workshop was to connect us to other female math students, and those in industry, who were pursuing a career using math. The feeling of belongingness was really meaningful to us, and I appreciated the chance learning different possibilities of my future in math.

Group Shots Best 11.JPG

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